10 DIY Tips for the Kids

In the latest issue of ReadyMade magazine which has been redesigned for Feb/March 2010, they share 5 ways to DIY with the kids.
1. Need to straighten art? Take out the level and let your kid eye the bubble.
2. Allow your child to use a hammer to remove nails from past projects. Give them a jar and stand by.
3. Demonstrate the measure twice and cut once technique. Teach proper cutting technique.
4. Teach your kid to use a bike bump to fill their tires as well as a needle with the pump to fill basketballs and footballs.
5. Let your child use a screwdriver to release chair pads you’ve been meaning to recover.
We’ve got 5 more!

6. Instruct your child how to organize your toolbox which at the same time teaches them about tools.
7. Kids love to paint! Make it fun and let them paint a wall first with the color you’ll be using then have fun going over all the new artwork with a fresh coat.
8. Always wear eye protection and show your kids at an early age how to handle a drill and change out bits. It’s the most common power tool they will grow up using.
9. Trust your child to help stabilize a ladder for you (even if you don’t really need their help, they will feel as if they are involved).
10. Give a child a project they can finish within a reasonable amount of time such as clearing an area of weeds or painting a gate.
photo: WoodleyWonderworks

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