Best Places to Live 2006

newjersey Best Places to Live 2006
We love lists, especially when it comes to real estate and breaking down the towns and cities we dream of moving to or away from. The Money Magazine Best Places to Live issue is always our favorite and this year Colorado has a stranglehold on the top two spots with Fort Collins as the best small city and Colorado Springs as the best big city to live in. This list measures housing, education, quality of life, and leisure activities. If you live in the Keystone state please speak up as we find it hard to believe that CO is the utopia that Money mag makes it out to be.
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  • Kim Rojas

    I’m in!!!
    I have just moved to Colorado Springs from Boston. We’ve been 14,000 feet to Pikes Peak, then fishing in the reservoir and shopping at the Citadel Mall. The mornings are cool and bright (even in August) and the constant breeze is to DIE for! I’ve never slept better in my life! The mountains keep us in constant awe of how small we humans really are. The cloud formations make one want to paint. People wave and say hello and welcome me to even Walmart. A beautiful 3/bdrm – 3/bath home is about 200,000, the traffic is so bearable, and the water tastes good here.
    On the other hand, because everything is so reasonably priced out here, jobs sometimes (accordingly) pay lower. It takes a little time to aclimate to the altitude and some things are far apart as in miles. Apart from that – nothing.
    We’ll never move. We love it!
    Kim and Frank