Brad Pitt Champions a New Orleans Rebuilding Plan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be the most hard working celebrities alive today. Despite their prosperous film careers they each are leading the way in using their high-profiles to point the cameras on critical issues facing the world and our country. But not only are they raising awareness but they are actively promoting solutions.
Brad Pitt just announced his intentions of helping to rebuild New Orleans by commissioning 150 eco-friendly homes in the Louisiana city’s Lower 9th Ward, an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. These homes have been designed by architects from around the world who were given the challenge of keeping the costs at $150,00 or less and include designs that take into account the possibility of another flood (floating house). You can contribute by sponsoring these homes, visit Make It Right 9 for more information.

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Timothy Dahl

Timothy Dahl

Founder/EIC at Charles & Hudson
Timothy’s background includes stints at This Old House, ELLE DECOR, Metropolitan Home and Woman’s Day. His work has been published on Wired Design, Bob Vila, DIY Network, The Family Handyman and Popular Mechanics and he has been featured on the Martha Stewart radio show and as a speaker at the ALT Design Summit, K/BIS and the National Hardware Show.
  • Ray

    It is commendable for Mr Pitt to care enough to see that housing is affordable for those unfortunate people in New Orleans. I think it would be a better investment for him to focus on building these homes in another area that would not be prone to damage from another hurricane These people do not need to deal with another disaster down the road. Make the area where he wants to build into a park and have it serve also as a drainage area.

  • Charles & Hudson

    That is a valid concern but this housing is for the folks who live there and don’t have the means or desire to live elsewhere. It seems like most public officials have done nothing to serve this area since the hurricane and Mr. Pitt is stepping up to do his part in an area that can be served.

  • Hardboiled egg

    Live there how can anyone live there they were evactated granted the evacuated were receiving government assistance and well if the government is going to assist you if you are now someplace else be assisted there I do not understand building in a economically depressed crime ridden area it is a fact roughly 30 percent of the metropolitan statistical area know as new Orleans lived below the poverty line
    also with such a reduced population does the city still benefit from the same number of representatives in Congress if the population has been dramatically reduced and you have no one to represent it is unfair to the rest of the nation that representation WITHOUT population ….exists

  • garden building

    I think it would be a better investment for him to focus on building these homes in another area that would not be prone to damage from another hurricane These people do not need to deal with another disaster down the road

  • neworleanslover

    The reason why the houses were so bad was not just because of the Hurricane, it was because the leeves broke. It was the flooding that these houses were so ruined too, in the lower 9th ward. How would you like it if someone said to you, ” oh, you live in an area that is succeptiable to another hurricane so we wont rebuild your house?” that’s bullshit. absolute bullshit. I was just down there over spring break volunteering my time and building houses. We stayed in a renovated high school and behind us was an old middle school. Do you know what they used that middle school for after the flood/hurricane? They used it as a MORGE. Imagine your middle school being used to store 800 dead bodies. That’s an imagine that has been burned into my brain.
    Yea, what Brad and Angelina are doing is great and it’s raising awareness but they need volunteers!!! These people cant afford homes at 150,000. They don’t have anywhere to work. Where they used to work is gone. People are dying in their FEMA trailers of post katrina stress related deaths. These people have nothing. Everything was ruined. Imagine if this happened to you? You can’t and don’t want to imagine it.
    So please, if you’re not going to go help keep your ignorant mouth shut.

  • Don Dixon

    Man what a nice place. Someday!!!