Build a Porch Swing

porchswing front Build a Porch Swing
What’s better than sitting outside, swinging along to some music, and drinking your favorite cool beverage. You know you want to do this – so why not build your own swing now and make it happen. Think of how much more relaxed you’ll be.
How to Make a Porch Swing [Buildeazy]

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    I have fond memories of sitting on our porch swing as a teenager. Now I will be moving to the country in KY and once there I wish to make a porch swing.

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    If you’re planning on having a shed in your garden, the first thing you should do is place it in a proper location. Avoid placing it near trees and overhanging hedge rows, because tree branches may snap, and damage the roof of your garden shed during bad weather. Also, always check the roof for leaks because rain water might cause the shed to rot, especially if it’s made with wood.