Building and Installing a Screen or Storm Door

Let the spring air flow through your house and listen to the birds sing, while keeping out the bugs and pollen. That’s what a screen door will do for you. Here are some sources for building and installing your own. If you are looking for a pre-made door we suggest a storm/screen combo that will allow you to remove or slide the glass down in the summer and replace it with a screen. We particularly like the Larson storm doors as they have retractable screens so there’s no need to search and store the seasonal door panels.
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    Every garage I’ve ever seen has its fair share of garbage. Some may look like garbage: big packages waiting to be broken down for recycling, big Styrofoam blocks that need to go out a bit at a time, or things waiting to be taken to the hazardous chemical processing site. In my garage we also have quite a few ragged pine cones (my daughter likes to rehabilitate them before setting them free in the wild), sticks, old pieces of wood and a pile of old glass.