Spend or Save on Home Upgrades

Spend or Save on Home Upgrades

Our favorite This Old House host Kevin O’Connor joins three other home design experts as they share their Spend or Splurge tips when it comes to outdoor furniture, flooring, appliances and outdoor grills.

Quick Deck Install Video

We pulled this video from Extreme-HowTo which gives a quick look at what it takes to replace your wood decking with a composite decking such as Fiberon, TimberTech, or Trex. It’s a fairly easy process but can be a bit labor intensive and will go much faster with help from […]

The SawStop Saves a Finger in Slow-Motion Video

The SawStop Saves a Finger in Slow-Motion Video

Mike Senese shares this slow-motion video of the SawStop in action. It’s amazing how instantaneously the blade is stopped and the module absorbs all of it.

Bandsaw Magic

Bandsaw Magic

Will this guy pull a rabbit out of his “hat”?

Repointing Old Brick Using Lime Mortar

Mike Senese always brings it on his Do It blog. Here he’s shared this great video for repointing brick using lime mortar from Lime mortar has been used for over 3,000 years and was an adhesive for almost every old brick building in the United States. These buildings continue […]

Beware: Unclogging a Bathtub Drain with Zip-It Can Be Disgusting

The Zip-It is one of the easiest tools around to unclog drains especially in a bathtub. It won’t damage pipes like Draino and other snaking devices. But the results can be a bit disgusting as the above video shows. At least you’ll have a tub that drains!

How IKEA Creates 10 Million Coffee Tables Per Year

Cool video from National Geographic showing behind the scenes in an IKEA factory.

Easiest Kitchen Backsplash Install Ever

If you’re short on time, money and effort but still need covet a new tile backsplash then it looks like SIMPLEMAT is for you. It literally adheres to your current backsplash of tile or wallpaper and your done! Without grout there’s no mortar, mixing, or mess. They also have kitchen […]

Apply the Fun Theory to Your Home

This video making the rounds on the internet is out to prove that if we take daily chores and add a fun element, they become much less rote and more enjoyable. Isn’t that what life is about? When designing a room or home what can we do to make it […]

Take This Tool Advice from Norm Abram

Check out this video of Master Carpenter Norm Abram being interviewed at last years AWFS show by Popular Woodworking magazine. Great insights into his favorite tools and techniques. Tools Norm Abram Value’s the Most Table saw – because it touches each project Joiner – straighten rough lumber Surface Planer – […]

Start Your Friday with Porcelain Fountains

The Bathroom Reinvented: Turning to Greywater

Close loop water systems are sustainable and a major step in water conservation. Ecologist Brent Bucknum, principal of Hyphae Design Lab in Oakland, California, shares the ABC’s of re-routing a home’s waste water (greywater) to sustainably irrigate gardens and other green spaces. He takes us from his live/work space in […]

Concrete Slab Flooring – Spice it Up

Frozen Bananas Pound Nails

Embedded video from CNN Video The freeze is on!

World’s Most Powerful Cordless Drill

This commercial from Milwaukee tools is both humorous and effective. Thanks Toolsnob.

More Home Improvement and DIY Videos

Ask The Builder Videos As the quality of online video continues to grow, many more DIY experts are getting behind the camera to share their tips, techniques, and opinions on home improvement and decorating. Along with Ask the Builder here are a few video channels that have some great content […]

A Compilation of Green Building Videos

A Compilation of Green Building Videos

Jetson Green has built a Green Building video player that combines their favorite green videos from YouTube. You can watch all 17 in a row and let them know if you like the player and they’ll continue to update it.

More DIY Videos

More DIY Videos

DIY videos are available online from AOL, Easy2DIY, Expert Village , and the venerable YouTube. But not so new entrant VideoJug has upgraded and focused their DIY channel to include some great videos from amateurs and professionals who may hold the key to helping solve your house or garden dilemma.