Consider Pet-Immune Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are a popular choice for homeowners seeking additional security. They can be installed in a number of places, including throughout the exterior of your home to active floodlights. And thanks to improved technology, many motion detectors are now created to ignore pets ranging from 40 to 80 pounds.
If you have animals, you may not have previously considered motion detectors at the risk of constant activation should the animal cross the detector’s path. Pet-immune detectors, however, use a variety of features, including pet-rejection lenses, multi-level signal processing, automatic temperature compensation and others to create a more accurate alert that isn’t compromised by false alarms.

Most motion detectors can be connected to your home’s security system, thereby creating a comprehensive security package that can help protect your home from break-ins. It’s up to you to create the security system that works best for your household and budget, but there are increasingly varied options available within a range of prices.
Motion detectors are a simple, affordable way to enhance your home’s security, according to SafetyED. “Motion detectors have the advantage of being portable, transportable and easy-to-install with no monthly monitoring fees,” as written by SafetyED. “Studies on crime prevention indicate that houses set up with motion detectors do help enhance security.”
Have you installed motion detectors in your home? And would you recommend them to other homeowners?

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