Decorative Bamboo Poles

ShanghaiScreen 1 Mahogany Decorative Bamboo Poles
A reader recently inquired regarding the use of bamboo poles to decorate and frame the entryway between two spaces in his retail store. Bamboo is an excellent choice when it comes to adding warmth to a room and it’s neutral color and smooth finish won’t deter from the surroundings. We think the Shanghai screen from Safari Thatch would be an excellent choice if you are looking for something different and a high-end feel. If you are seeking a more traditional bamboo treatment then the Evergreen screen would work well.
Bamboo can be found in most nurseries but if you don’t see what you need don’t hesitate to order online as another beauty of bamboo is it’s light-weight and bundling capabilities. Bamboo also replenishes every 5 years so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t endangering the earth’s rain forests.