DIY Maven: Faux Stone Pavers


Today DIY Maven takes on faux stone pavers: If you’ve ever laid pavers, you know how exhausting it is. And even though you did it yourself, it probably wasn’t cheap. Those bricks and stones add up! For smaller jobs, a viable alternative is going the faux route using molds and ready-mix.

Two great-looking molds are the Belgian Walkway Mold ($22.50) and the Cobblestone Mold ($20). Each measures 20″ x 24″x 2″ and takes 60 lbs ready-mix for each section.

As far as mixing the said ready-mix, spare your back and consider using a drill and a mixing paddle or the handy personal powered mixer, which, after you’re done laying your new fabulous walkway, you can use to make ice cream. Okay, maybe not.

  • Ruth

    would like to see a video