Furniture Felt Guides Will Save Your Floors

furniture felt guides feet Furniture Felt Guides Will Save Your Floors
You’ve just spent time and energy refinishing your floors or installing new hardwood and the last thing you want to do is carefully drag that heavy armoire or cabinet back in place for danger of scratching your beautiful new floors. Most people resort to stick-on felt guides which might work for lighter furniture such as chairs or sidetables, but even with these high use items the stick-on guides will eventually slide off giving you a false sense of security.
One Project Closer advocates the use of nail-on felt guides which are a more permanent solution to saving your floor. They’ve provide a nice step-by-step for installing these felt guides. The only drawback is they are permanent and if you remove them the foot of the furniture will be weakened and will also have a hole cut into it. For most people this probably isn’t a concern but for owners of antiques and classic furniture this may not be an option.