Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

panfan1 Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Bathroom exhaust fans are a must in any modern bathroom, including those in your “old” home. Trapped moisture can do even more damage to an older home which also may not have a bathroom that is as well insulated. Installing a bathroom exhaust fan can prove difficult depending on the location of your bathroom but here are some tips from Old House Journal.
* Locate the fan close to the shower.
* Keep the run of duct as short and straight as possible.
* Seal the ducts so moisture can’t escape, and seal the fan housing to the ceiling with a bead of caulk.

  • Robyn

    We are buying an older home that currently has no exhaust fan in the bathroom. The shower is adjacent to a window. Is there an exhaust fan that fits in the window (the way an A/C unit does), that could be installed just by placing it in the window and sealing any open edges?

  • Genvieve

    Hi, if you are looking for some advice on installing exhaust fans in your home, this is a great article to read: Exhaust Fans . There is also a link at the bottom of this page for free estimates from heating and ventilation contractors.