Keep to a Triangle When Designing a Kitchen

You’ll be most productive in your kitchen if your layout is in the shape of a triangle.
The National Kitchen and Bath Association has specified these guidelines for your “kitchen work triangle”.
* The sum of the work triangle’s three sides should not exceed 26 feet, and each leg should measure between 4 and 9 feet.
* The work triangle should not cut through an island or peninsula by more than 12 inches.
* If the kitchen has only one sink, it should be placed between or across from the cooking surface, preparation area, or refrigerator.
* No major traffic patterns should cross through the triangle.
Here’s a listing of their other kitchen design guidelines that focus on efficiency.

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  • Allison

    Love it, especially the building with the sunflower in front of it. Can I live there?

    • Charles & Hudson

      Wouldn’t that be nice to walk up to every day.

  • Alejamuel Sultz

    Oh, what a beautiful roof garden! I’ve always wanted one for my weekend home. Who wouldn’t love the serenity roof gardens provide?

  • Eugene Head

    It’s nice to sit down and relax on a couch on a roof like that- it looks so homey and comfy, plus the plants made it more fresh and appealing. That will be a good place to sleep after a long day of work.  Isn’t it lovely?

  • Son Lakhani

    Roof gardens can significantly add to the aesthetic value of your home, especially if you live in an urban area and don’t have enough space for a garden. It can also help your surroundings become more healthy, since your plants do provide clean oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

  • Santo Caridine

    Aside from the appeal that roof gardens provide, everyone will also have the chance to make the air cleaner as the plants help filter it. It’s pretty ideal if you live in a metropolitan area, isn’t it? It is also affordable. With a couple of pots and plants, you’ll now have a beautiful exterior, and help our nature at the same time.

  • Cody Charlebois

    Galore it is! I’m glad a lot of homeowners are favoring
    green roofs and are even posting about it on the internet. It is easy to do and
    could definitely be a design statement for a home. I’m sure in no time we’ll
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  • Lino Kosters

    Whoa! That looks so beautiful! I hope all building apartments would turn their rooftops into amazing green roofs. They can ask all the residents to help, and if it’s large enough, perhaps they could put up a little playground for the kids. =)