Fixing a Leaky Skylight

skylightsmall Fixing a Leaky Skylight
After the heavy rain and flooding in DC this weekend our friends were able to get to work this morning but they face bigger worries once they return home as they’ve discovered leaks around the skylight in their newly renovated DC home.
The purpose of a skylight is to bring light, not water, into your home. But an improperly installed skylight or a damaged roof can provide an easy entry point for water. You should first determine whether the water is dripping from condensation inside. If it only leaks on rainy days or after a snowfall then this is unlikely.
Unless you are an experienced roofer you should call in a professional. There may also be expert skylight specialists in your area. But whomever does your work make sure they inspect not only the flashing around your skylight but the upslope along the roof above the skylight. Damaged shingles and flashing around a roof vent or pipe collar can allow water to enter yards away from where your skylight is located.
If the external fix doesn’t do the trick you may need to tear into the drywall and check on the space between the skylight and the framing. If there’s too much space you can fill it with spray foam insulation.
— thanks Alix

  • stephen

    My skylight was leaking last year and we only sealed it from the inside and the water ended up channeling down inside the ceiling and now we’ve got a damn waterspot! Learn from me if you’ve got this problem fix it ASAP. Water sucks.

  • Kristen

    You should check out Solar Innovations skylights (you have to have your builder/contractor establish the curbing etc for the skylight) but I have had no problems so far.

  • alain w ambrus

    We have a leaky bathroom skylight, unfort. it is directly over our toilet area.
    We have examined the entire roof area, the flashing, all sealants (inside and outside)
    and cannot locate the leak source anywhere yet whenever we get the slightest rain we see and feel it dripping.

  • Morish Kinsley

    If you found out that there’s a leakage on the skylight, right away conduct an inspection in it .If you’re not sure where the leak comes from or even afraid to check on it then have a call from daylighting
    architecture and discuss with them the possibilities so that you’ll be ware too and let them do the measures to prevent leakage.