Milwaukee Craftsman

milwaukee Milwaukee Craftsman
Finding a home for under $300k in any large metro area has become increasingly difficult but Hewn and Hammered has spotlighted this 1929 Craftsman Bungalow for a reasonable price. The curved arches and exposed hardwood give this duplex hard-to-find character.

  • sarahrae

    I have a problem with this post.
    I love this blog… I check it several times a day and have read almost every archive there is…twice.
    But living just a few blocks away from this house that is under $300k…. I am saddened.
    I am all for revamping a neighborhood, but the location of this house isn’t one that I would suggest to anyone for actually living in. High crime, REALLY high traffic, annoying neighbors, and it’s just not worth the beauty for the price you would have to pay.

  • jlt

    Unfortunately, many of us can’t afford to live in low-traffic, low-crime, friendlier areas. The rich and middle class squeeze the poor into tiny neighborhoods that are not as pleasant to live in, this is how cities often (don’t) work.

  • mark

    High crime, REALLY high traffic, annoying neighbors
    These problems aren’t unusual to most urban environments.
    You should be more “saddened” by the low price of this property since you are a neighbor.

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