New online magazine, Fryd + Design, arrives

Fryd+Design cover thumb 480x360 1937 thumb 480x360 1938 New online magazine, Fryd + Design, arrives
If you’re like me, no project begins without that initial burst of inspiration, whether it comes from a blog, book, magazine, television show or a store display. Yet with shelter magazines continuing to struggle amid a rocky economic climate, I have fewer glossy pages from which to pull design and project ideas.

Enter the online magazine, a more inexpensive publishing model that still delivers a wow factor and simulated magazine reading experience. Thanks to a tweet from decor8, I spent a couple of hours this weekend drooling over Fryd + Design, a newly launched lifestyle magazine from Scandinavian blogger Jeanette Lunde.
An English version is scheduled to be released soon, but with minimal editorial content, the language barrier is more of a small bump. If beautiful, thoughtfully selected images are the fuel for your DIY engine, bookmark this magazine immediately!
Photo courtesy of Fryd + Design

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katy schamberger1 New online magazine, Fryd + Design, arrives
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