Online Project Management

vegassky Online Project Management
Setting a schedule for remodeling projects can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve got a general contractor you need to know when subs will be coming and going, when materials will be delivered, what time inspectors will arrive, when permits are due, etc. There are a number of online tools available that can help you organize your projects and provide reminders via email or text message.
We are big fans of Google Calendar. It’s well integrated into your email system (if you’ve got gmail) and you can share calendars with others as well as keep some calendars private. The Yahoo! Calendar is an old standard and another good option if you’re already with Yahoo! but we don’t find it as intuitive and shareable as Google.
37signals has a number of different tools we think are useful for project management. Backpack is great for basic DIY projects around the house. It can help you keep your materials list organized as well as provide a place for notes and images of your project. If you’ve got a more intense project you should sign-up for Basecamp. It’s many attributes include, assign to-dos and tasks, post messages and gather feedback, simple scheduling, share files internally or with team, and track people’s time. The basic version of Basecamp is free but for $12 a month you can get a more full-featured version that is a small investment when it comes to your peace of mind. If you are only looking for a to-do list you should go with Ta-da Lists. It’s web based and extremely simple and shareable.