Painting a Room

roomcolor Painting a Room
We’ve compiled some more great resources for painting a room in your old or new house.
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    I love the painting tips. But then I wish you have some suggestions on how to paint a certain area especially if it’s already fully furnished. For example, a house that is almost wood in terms of structure and furnishings. Should the rooms be painted with shades of brown? Is it a big NO NO to paint a girl’s bedroom with blue?
    My room is consists of metal furnishings. My bed is an iron-wrought bed in black color. My bedside lamp is white. My walls are presently colored in brown. I find it dull and wish that despite of the metallic theme I might be able to paint it in such a way that it also shows my human nature and most especially my obsession towards sunflowers. Can you help me with this?
    Thank you.