Preserving Heat

frontdoor Preserving Heat
With the Fall season just around the corner there are some easy steps you can take right now to preserve the heat within your home and give you a bit more time before firing up the heater.
Add Insulation – Not to your walls but to areas that are largely unseen such as your water heater, ducts, exposed pipes.
Install a Door Shoe and Weatherstrip Your Door – The door shoe will prevent drafts as well a protect the wood along the bottom of your door from the elements and weather stripping your front door will make sure the heat stays in and the cold out.

  • Rick Maselli

    Preparing for the weather changes is very important to take into consideration this time of the year.
    I appreciate your advice detailed here.
    Another factor to take into consideration is ice build up that can cause all kinds of problems during the frigid winter months.
    Ice and water shield installed under the roof shingles,can help prevent costly water damage.
    I am sure your company as well as many of the links you have listed address this issue.
    Rick Maselli

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