Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs

Most of the real estate news we’ve been sharing has been negative so we thought we’d lighten the mood with a profile of the realtor and dog relationship which is much more complicated than you realize.
Me %26 Enzo headshot Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
Of course this is a farce but this agent does a great job selling it.
“Everyone knows two heads are better than one, and in real estate, it’s especially true that two species are better than one.”

buster Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
The dog in glasses theme is really growing on us. You’d buy a house from Buster wouldn’t you?
topdogs Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
It’s one thing to take photos with your dog but this training agency will teach you “How to Run with the Big Dogs” and it looks like you may even become a dog.
chester Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
This dog (Chester) gives real estate advice that is of course, dog-gone good.
dogs Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
This real estate agent’s photo is sans agent. I guess those Yorkies are so darn cute you wouldn’t remember what the looked like anyway.
burro Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
To prove that realtors aren’t biased against other animals this agent shares her burro with us.
realtor dog Real Estate Agents and Their Dogs
If you can’t get enough of the dog/realtor partnership then get it all-in-one with this cute figurine that you can take with you anywhere.
More real estate agents and their best friends.
Golden Retrievers
Brad’s got the Dogs and a Fish
More labs
Ladies and Gentleman…The German Shepard

Ex-hippie dog in Sedona
Richest Bitch of Them All

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