Removing Bees and Wasps Safely

bees Removing Bees and Wasps Safely

Photo: Andrea Simonato

We’ve shown you some sites that can help you identify and remove ants and bugs from the inside of your home, but it’s also important to clear the outside vicinity of unwanted pests such as bees and wasps.
Africanized bees are a real danger and prevention should be your first option. Think like a bee and remove possible nesting sites such as unused garbage cans, boxes, old sheds, etc. You should also seal openings around your house that are greater than 1/4″. This can include empty spaces around shingles, doorways, gutters, attic vents, etc.
Remember that even if all of the bees in a hive have been killed you must also physically remove the hive as neighboring swarms can make the abondoned hive their own.
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