Romantic Recliners

brocade Romantic Recliners
The modern movement is waning and a move towards a warmer and more romantic style has emerged. The sleek couches and minimalist chairs have been replaced with more ornate furniture with classic curves and darker tones. The popularity of Brocade Home is leading the resurgence along with home magazines and blogs such as OhJoy! and Apartment Therapy.
Return to Tender [Washington Post]

  • Debbie

    I recently removed the caulk from the bathtub, cleaned the area and re-caulked. I let the tub set for 3 days, but the new caulk pulled out immediately. I then tried using grout around the seam and the grout came out. I can’t seem to get anything to stick to the tub now…do you have any advice on what to do.

    • Eugene Caldwell

      It is very important to clean the surface of soap and any other build up first. A soap film will not allow the new caulking or grouting to stay affixed to the seam. You first need to clean the area thoroughly and allow it to dry. Rubbing alcohol is good but I would read the manufacturer’s advice is possible.

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