Shaved Ice Machine

shaved ice machine Shaved Ice Machine
We’ve been searching the web for a proper shaved ice machine and Uncrate has delivered. The Snowie 3000 is just what we’ve been looking for. It will turn an 8 lb bag of ice into snow in just over a minute which equals 18 snowies a minute. That should keep you and your friends with cool all day long.

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    at the start of every summer season, the air conditioner needs to be evaluated before on can possibly do anything good in the summer to cope up with the hot weather. The AC needs to be serviced every season preferably and tips related to AC care need to be followed.

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    What’s really kind of embarrassing is, I never have checked my air conditioning before summer. If I turn it on and it works, good. If not, I’m not sure what I would do lol. Thank you for all the tips.