Strengthen Your Floor By Joist Sistering

sistering Strengthen Your Floor By Joist Sistering
Floors in old homes can tend to sag or bounce as they get older. The only way to fix this is through “sistering” the joists located below the floor panels. This involves attaching joists of a similar size alongside the existing joists. This technique can also be used to make an attic floor livable.
Sistering Floor Joists [Hammerzone]

  • Chris Wilson

    I have a 1920 home. I plan to sister 2x10s on the existing 2x5s (true measurement). In certain places, the NM wire runs across the 2x5s. There isn’t a lot of manuevering with the NM wire. Do you have suggestions on what to do with the NM wire? Do I disconnect the wire then drill a hole through the new 2×10 joist and run the wire through it?
    Thanks for your time,
    Chris Wilson