The Family Grill Update using Natural Gas

char broil The Family Grill Update using Natural Gas
Well it seems I’ve shamed my family into replacing our 20 year old outdoor bbq grill. This week Dad picked up a Char-broil stainless stell unit for $179 from Big Lots with 3 burners and a side warmer. Our previous grill hooked right up to our natural gas outlet but discovered that this one wasn’t going to go as easy.

Here’s how Dad overcame this challenge:
You’d think a conversion kit was available to go from LPG to natural gas. Not so, the company told us. If you are ever told this, don’t believe them. There is a conversion chart that tells one how much larger to drill the venturi openings…it will be a drill bit with a number designation such as 50 or 52. Do this, and any LPG rated BBQ is good to go to use natural gas.
Thanks for the tip!