The 2,000 Uses For WD-40

WD-40 – it really is a magical substance, isn’t it? Sure, you probably reach for the familiar blue and yellow can when you need to quiet a squeaky hinge or add a little extra grease to a sticky situation.
But here’s a little secret, friends — there are oh-so-many more uses for WD-40. Two thousand and counting, to be exact. Intrigued? So are we!
The best news is that WD-40 has compiled the 2,000 uses into a free (yes, free) PDF that you can download, print and store away. Plus, the uses are divided by category, too, so it’s relatively easy to find a potential solution to your problem.
How about a sampling of WD-40’s power?

*Cleans black streaks from hardwood floors
*Removes gum from wallpaper
*Helps clean showers
*Cleans dust from artificial flowers
*Removes calcium deposits from a dehumidifier
*Lubricates rubber insulation around storm doors
*Helps shovel wet, sticky snow
*Keeps snow from sticking to satellite dishes
*Prevents weeds from growing through sidewalk cracks
Too cool, right? And, as you can see, we only covered a fraction of what this powerful substance can do. The best part is that you can submit your own use for WD-40 — it just might be added to the list!
We’d love to hear your favorite unexpected use for WD-40. Ready, set, share!

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Katy Schamberger
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