Top 10 Most Dangerous Tools

chainsaw Top 10 Most Dangerous Tools
Ever wonder which one of the tools in your shed are responsible for the most injuries? The best folks to ask would be those who have worked for years with these tools on a daily basis. Toolcrib has done this and compiled the answers from forum respondents at and
#1 may surprise you as it’s not in your shed but it’s YOU! The glorious chainsaw comes in at #4. Check out the other tools on the list and add your own in the comments.

  • chris martin

    For some reason I’m freaked out by my hand plane. I always think it’s going to slice me but that’s never been close to happening (not jinxed). I do think grinders are dangerous and remember to ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION!

  • jared

    I can’t think of a more dangerous tool than the table saw but any power tool is deadly in the wrong hands.

  • Chop

    Most dangerous is a bit subjective. Most likely to cause injury, or scariest because of the really serious injury potential, or just plain scariest?
    After 25 years working in mill shops, I vote shaper as scariest. (#3 in the linked survey) That beast makes hamburger, i.e. nothing for the doctor to try and sew back on. You would get the same sort of an injury out of a jointer (#6) but it’s just not as scary as most of the cutter head is hidden away. In fact you’re more likely to get hurt on a jointer as you spend much more time on one, and it can be quite boring. Boredom leads to inattention which leads to, well, you know.
    As for just plain injury potential, (injury being anything stitches or better) I’d go with anything dull. More often than not this will be a chisel (#8).

  • susan

    I’m not surprised at all. It seems like the best installers of cabinetry that I use are very slow and very methodical about how they cut, have someone who is there to help and hold things, and their motions are slow, yet efficient. I see how much concentration it takes and stay out of the way and do not interrupt until the cut is done or the sound of the power tool is done for the moment. Good advice.

  • ram

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