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There are many ways to find the right professional for your home improvement job. We always go with personal referrals but sometimes its hard to source for a contractor who has an obscure talent or you’re new to an area and don’t know anyone to ask. ServiceMagic has been around awhile and they will match you up with contractors in your area. Now they aren’t the only game in town as Top Service Pros has entered the market. With an easy-to-navigate and fast running website they should catch on quick. If anyone has experience with either service as a contractor or a homeowner let everyone know by leaving a comment.

  • Karen

    I had a great experience with a similar service, called I posted online and could choose how many plumbers would call me. I got three repsonses and the guy I chose did great work. The rescue rooter people wanted to charge me a whole lot more and this plumber put in a new cleanout for $80!