Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

One of the more active discussions on the Houseblogs community website is which vacuum is best for hardwood floors. We’ve waxed poetic before about our Oreck XL Deluxe as we think it works well on our hardwood and transitions nicely to our rugs and carpeted areas. Regardless of surface, what’s your favorite vacuum?

  • Greg Smith

    I have all hard floors and my Dyson works just fine.

  • quad exhaust

    This is a project that I’m really not looking forward to doing at my house, but I know it’s important. As a girl, I haven’t been taught as much as my brothers were. After reading this, I’m sure I can figure this out. Thanks for the tips. I’ll keep researching to make sure I have this down :)

  • Staci Severns

    Another great tip, if I may add, the exhaust fan’s size must suit the size of the bathroom. After all, fans that are too small for the size of a space will end up being overused and will most likely deteriorate quickly.