10 Projects for a Snow Day

Home from work and your kid’s school has called a Snow Day. There’s no better time to work on those house projects you’ve been putting off. We’ve got 10 projects that should keep you busy while your house thaws out.
1. Make a magnetic bulletin board – Turn your stainless steel fridge door into a fun board for the family to use.
2. Remove those water stains from your wood furniture – Some home remedies that may do the trick.
3. Check for drafts around doors – Keep the cold outside
4. Evaluate your workshop tools – Take some time to repair broken tools and clean up your workshop
5. Give your cabinets a makeover – Add some new pulls and paint for a fresh look

6. Patina a mirror for a French bistro look – Add some classique style to your decor.
7. Repair your stairs – Tighten those railings and check the banisters
8. 10 DIY Tips for the Kids – Get the little ones involved in your home improvement projects. They’ll learn some valuable lessons instead of watching TV or playing video games.
9. Protect your pipes from freezing – Make sure you’ve got your pipes properly insulated
10. Have some fun unclogging drains – A nasty job for a nasty weather day

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