10 Tools from Apartment Therapy

One of our favorite editors at Apartment Therapy has identified their 10 favorite tools for DIY.
It’s a great selection but we’d make the following changes.
Replace the hex wrenches with a basic hammer. In terms of use a hammer is much more handy for DIY projects of any size and scope. Opt for one that’s lightweight. Most normal home projects don’t require the heft of a framing hammer.
Swap out the Jigsaw for Dremel tool. Jigsaws are perfect for what they do and save so much time when a handsaw can become tedious. But our second most used power tool behind the cordless driver may be our Dremel. It’s applications are endless and because of it’s delicate nature it can be used to a tighter degree than other more brutish tools.
Check out their list and tell us what you think.

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