5 Steps to Prep Your Wall Before You Paint

Prepping your wall and work area before you paint is vital to your final results. Your paint surface must be clean and your work area clear. You must also tape off any areas you do not want paint to drip on or brush over.
Here are 5 steps to prep your wall for paint.
1. Remove hardware – Light switch plates, door knobs, drape rods and any other room hardware should be removed and organized so it is easy to install after the paint drys.
2. Fix holes – Repair any damage to the wall. Use a drywall patch compound to fill in holes and make sure the compound is smooth and fully drys before painting over. Fill in all nail holes and remove any tape, nails or irregular items from the wall.
3. Clean the walls – Use a damp sponge and go over every inch of the wall to be cleaned. There is a layer of dust that you don’t see on all walls and this dust must be removed if you want the paint to adhere properly.

4. Clean your work area – Make sure all trash and garbage is removed as well as anything that can get in your way while painting. Every square inch of your wall should be easily accessible. Move plants and furniture away from the wall to be painted.
5. Tape it off – Don’t be afraid to use your tape liberally and be patient and precise when covering a window frame or glass. An exacto knife or box cutter will also help you make precision cuts. Use tape to also secure plastic coverings over any furniture that can’t be moved and tape down drop clothes so they don’t scrunch up.

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