60 Second Sofa Test

Furniture is an investment and needs to be sturdy enough to withstand hundreds to thousands of uses. You wouldn’t buy a car without at least taking it for a test drive and at most checking under the hood and giving it a thorough sight and feel inspection. The same principle can be applied to larger pieces of furniture such as sofas and couches.
Here’s our 60 Second Sofa Test

  1. Check the frame strength by lifting the front edge of the sofa about 6-inches off the ground. The other end should follow in top-of-the-line pieces with no sagging or creaking.
  2. Shake the Arms. There should be little to no movement. Any “play” indicates weakness and noise in the future.
  3. Check for a metal spring in both the seat and back for the most comfort
  4. Check for padding in the inner and outer arm. Padding increases your comfort as well as the life of the fabric
  5. If the couch is leather ask if the leather has been completely dyed or surface dyed. Leather that is submerged in dye is more likely to retain it’s color.

And if you just want to freshen up your current sofa without reupholstering it try (a) removing the skirt which will immediately streamline and modernize your sofa, (b) you can replace the legs with selections from Bings, (c) add some colorful pillows.

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  • We have a kid and we need good furniture to with stand the jumping and wear and tare. I have been to levit and other places. I have to say this place has strong inexpensive furiture that has lasted me 3.5 years with our any type of wear and tear

  • jenn carlson

    Thanks for the tips Chuck, besides sitting and stretching out I never really know what to do. Any tips for selecting a mattress?

  • I was shopping in a Manhattan second-hand store and found a Chesterfield couch I love. I’m going to “put it to the test” using your tips. If it passes it’s coming home with me. Thanks C&H!