7 Tips to DIY Carpet Pulling

Pulling carpet yourself can save a few bucks and here are 7 tips to make the process go smoothly.
1. Pulling up carpet is a labor-intensive activity, so while you can do it by yourself, it’s a lot easier, and a lot less heavy, if you bring in at least one other person to help out.
2. Watch for exposed nails, wear thick-soled shoes and tread carefully. Underneath the carpet, there could be old flooring, or there could just be a collection of junk, dust mites, bugs and other creepy crawly dirt covered items, so you may also want to wear a mask to prevent inhalation of dust. For the same reason, people who have asthma or breathing problems should leave the area to prevent complications.
3. Start in a corner. Using pliers, begin to lift the carpet in a corner; this will start the removal in two directions.

4. Continue pulling up the carpet in the same manner, but stop and cut every 2-3 feet. Most waste collectors will accept old carpeting, but only in rolls that are small enough to carry, which range from 2-4 feet.
5. As you pull up the carpet, also remember to 6 that stick to the underside of the carpet or stay in the floor. Pulling them up as you go will prevent injuries and make clean up easier.
6. After the carpet has been removed, you can then remove the padding in the same manner, also cutting it into strips.
7. Clean the subfloor of all tacks and nails, using a shop vacuum to suck up the dust and debris that remain.
photo: mahr

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