7 Unexpected Things at Builders’ Show 2010

Let’s start with the Swarovski decorated fireplace from Napoleon. Really who needs this? I forget we are in Vegas.

Stagecoach – Wells Fargo doesn’t hold back
Obama – Our president has his hands full but he took time to promote CFLs at the show.
Bobsled – Interesting tie-in with Lumber Liquidators but so is Colbert and speed skating.
Builder who can’t swing a hammer – This dude was going wild hacking at nails at the Stiletto Tools booth. Said he was a builder. Wouldn’t want him touching my house. (note the Stiletto Tools founder, Mark Martinez, watching in dismay).
Geeks – We saw our share of geeks at CES last week but this programmer from bidformaterials.com was a refreshing change from the usual “sales and marketing” flacks who man most booths.
Elevators – If trends say we are moving away from McMansions and overbuilds, then why were there so many elevators companies on display?

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