8 Green Building Mistakes

Jetson Green has highlighted 5 Common Green Building Mistakes and we couldn’t agree more. They include:
1. Wasted Resources – use scraps where possible, save materials for other projects, or donate extras to reuse centers
2. Poorly Selected and Installed Insulation – use blown-in or spray foam insulation products to improve energy performance and minimize air leakage (and coordinate with ventilation system)
3. Improper Flashing and Drainage Planes for Water Management – update your know-how on flashing and drainage planes to control water and moisture
4. Tight Homes Built Without Intentional Ventilation – install whole house ventilation systems in all homes to provide fresh, clean air in tight homes
5. HVAC Ducts Installed in Unconditioned Space – layout and install all ductwork to run in conditioned space to improve efficiency and reduce wasted energy

We’d also like to add:
6. Overspending to buy “green” sustainable products – a luxury sustainable product industry has grown, some products are responsible while others are just superfluous.
7. Windows – Replacing used windows for new ones when the original windows worked fine and just needed some maintenance (insulation, air sealing).
8. Consider Advanced Wall Framing – We all do what we can but if you are starting from scratch on a green home don’t let a builder talk you out of considering advanced wall framing techniques that are beneficial to the environment and more efficient.

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