A Hard Case for the Ultimate Headlight

The Energizer brand is synonymous with long-lasting batteries, but they also have a product line of flashlights that are worth a look. One of them is the Hard Case Professional headlight that allows you to work hands-free in dark areas by using 1 of 4 included LED lights. This headlight is perfect for working in basement areas or behind washer/dryers or under sinks. We’d also use it under the hood of our truck or to help change the oil underneath, and if you need an emergency bike light this could come in handy.
The main LED is super bright white and can be diffused from a spot to a wider area. This is the primary light and serves its purpose well. The red LED is easier on the eyes and creates less glare in dark spaces while the green LED helps indentify imperfections and cracks in pipes.

This headlight has been drop tested at 15 feet but it’s snug and comfortable fit is maintained by 3 adjustable straps and our test model stayed firmly atop our head. The battery pack is at the back of the head which creates a nice balance as it distributes the weight evenly.
This would also make the perfect gift for someone who has everything as it might not be the first thing on their list but it might end up one of the most indispensable tools in their collection.
Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight

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