A New Way to Find Studs

The Inventors Spotlight at this years National Hardware Show has been a highlight to visit. Speaking to the folks that actually hold the patents to their products and have invested the time, energy and cash into bringing their product to market has been an exhilarating experience. We’ve got a lot of new finds to share but one that we think will stick is the stud detector from Franklin Sensors.
No more sliding a stud-finder across the wall to locate ends of a stud. The ProSensor from Franklin shows you exactly where the stud sits behind the drywall by simply placing the sensor against the wall.

It will locate wood or metal studs and can scan through wood, concrete, gypsum, OSB, tile and marble.
They’ve are still in process of launching the product and open to distribution. If you’re a retailer consider be the first to carry this innovative product.

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