Al Gore Goes Green(er)

Regardless of what you think of Al Gore’s environmental initiatives, he has gone to great lengths to walk the walk while talking the talk. He was widely criticized for living in a large home (mansion to us) that left a huge carbon and waste footprint. Now according to the U.S. Green Building Council his Nashville home boasts the highest residential LEED rating “short of tearing it down”. Green improvements include solar panels, a rainwater-collection system and geothermal heating.

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  • Thom Walker Jr

    Al Gore has walked the walk, he has lead a world wide awakening to the global warming. I am better informed now because of his commitment and he has done far more than what Washington has or not done. He battled the critics and has shaken us up to be responsible. Thank you Al.

  • Al Gore makes me glad I’m an American, and proud of my country’s ability and promise to resume its role as a world leader in just 14 short months.

  • Gene

    Al Gore has done a lot to help inform the people about environmental issues. Specifically, I admire his strength in arguing the debate regarding global warming. However, I believe he is only partially right when he describes our impact (humans) on the current apparent increase in global temperatures. It is much more probable that normal cyclic fluctuations in the climate are predominately the cause, not human actions and certainly not our contribution to increased CO2 levels.
    I think he should be applauded for his efforts, but a Noble Prize was far greater a reward than he deserved.

  • Seth

    Al Gore makes me dislike the fact that he calls himself an American. Global warming is nothing less than the “catch all” answer for tree-hugging liberals like himself. When we have a winter that is “too cold”, or a summer that is “too hot”, or a winter that is “too wet”, or a summer that is “too dry” all of those are blamed on “global warming”…. what a farse! The only thing an increase in C02 would bring about is substantial forest and plant growth — remember from science class in elementary school ?? (I know that was a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago for some of you and the 70’s were kinda rough on the brain – but try to remember that far back). Do you know what we get when plants and forests grow? We get Oxygen — that’s right class. This is a natural cycle folks!
    By the way, I’m not saying that it’s not good to be “energy conscious”, however to state “facts” as he does with his “scientists” is a very dangerous place to be. 50 years from now we will all know that we didn’t know anything right now!! Think about it. 50 years ago, we were nowhere near as clued in as today from computers to weather to even modern cars with their high mileage…. completely unheard of back then.
    Instead of blindly praising this kind of crap, we need to be thinking rationally about other things such as coming up with alternative fuels that actually work — such as industrial hemp being used for fuel as it can produce more than 10 times the fuel that corn can and it has NOTHING to do with the illegal stuff! With that we can get off of dependence from foreign oil and lower our prices and have better living…..
    Thanks for listening to this rant!

  • Carl

    ^Read Seth’s post again.
    Cause that’s exactly what I think.

  • Right

    Get the Facts!!! Mr. Gores Utilities are more than 232 normal size homes… Since 2007 with all of his Environmental Improvements – his consumption has increased 10%…. an noooo Global Warming didn’t have anything to do with it… however, maintaining the pool temp at a steady 78 degrees may have helped…