Amazing DIY Castle Home

In an incredible display of do-it-yourself ingenuity and sticktoitiveness, a couple in Surrey, England constructed a castle/tudor home. But the kicker is that they did this without the knowledge of neighbors or local building authorities who had repeatedly denied the proper permits to build such a structure.
How’d they do it? By hiding the structure behind 40-foot walls of hay for four years!

This turns out to be the ultimate do-it-yourself green build as the four-bedroom farmhouse home was built with oak trees off the 250-acre farm and reclaimed building materials. The castle/home sits with a half-timbered, Tudor-style front, a twin-towered crenellated rear, a minstrels’ gallery, a cinema screen, a stained-glass dome on top and a cannon by the front door.
They have been raising their son in this castle hidden from view for four years and the only reason they have been discovered is that the hay finally started to rot and deteriorate. The homeowners had always felt it was like living in a tent before the bales fell down and now they truly realize the beauty and enormity of their incognito project.
Local authorities are not pleased and have ordered the tear-down of this structure. A British High court has ruled in favor of the local council and ordered the building be torn down within the year or they will come with bulldozers.
Keep in mind the nearest neighbor is at least a 1/4 mile away and this building isn’t a blight on a neighborhood and certainly isn’t infringing on any HOA rights. Yes, this couple went to great lengths to skirt the local building authorities but the final structure is as solid as any other home in the area and built by a man who certainly knows what he’s doing. Here’s hoping they succeed in a Court of Appeals and continue the live the life most Englishmen dream of.
Read more about this incredible castle and the current plight of the homeowners.

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