An iPhone App You Wood Want

iPhone apps for the remodeling and diy enthusiast are plentiful. There’s an app to pick a paint color and an app to level a shelf but we recently got a handy new app that is more educational than gimmick. This app from Double Dog Studios is a reference guide for wood and contains full screen samples and detailed information for over 50 different varieties. It’s a standalone application that doesn’t require an internet connection so you can access it at the lumber yard or design store.
We’ve had a chance to check it out and we really dig the educational reference pages that explain the types of cuts (quarter sawn, rift sawn) as well as the very helpful “wood” glossary for those not in the industry. But one of the most helpful features we found was their listing of sustainability of wood types from secure to moderate and threatened. A must for any green builder or customer who is conscious about the materials they are going to buy.

We agree with Double Dog Studios as this app should be de rigueur for woodworkers, cabinet makers, designers, artists, architects, collectors, antique dealers, hobbyists, gunsmiths, musicians, homeowners, boat builders, carpenters and others.
Download the app and get more information.

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