Appliance Obsession: Breville’s Smart Oven

I think my adoration for appliances stems from the movie The Brave Little Toaster. I swear for years after seeing the film, I didn’t see a toaster, task lamp or electric blanket that I didn’t love.
Many years have passed, but I seem to have regressed a bit and developed a mild obsession with my Smart Oven. I’m no gourmet chef though I do love to bake. But if I was still single and living alone in my tiny NYC apartment, I’m pretty sure this counter-sized oven would have been the solution to my take-out regime. It also just looks super sleek in it’s stainless steel, LED screen, high-tech sorta way.
Here’s why it rules:
The Breville oven can…
Cook a frozen pizza
Bake cookies
Toast your morning bagel from a level 1 (barely toasted) to a level 10 (totally charred) for fellow bread afficionados like myself
Cuts down on burnt finger tips since the oven rack ingeniously slides out when your english muffins area ready

Buy one here. And check out the new compact version!
(This post has not been endorsed by Breville. Just by this author)

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