Are You Up To The Great Gift Challenge?

martha-stewart-ebay.gifCharles & Hudson is honored to be selected by Martha Stewart Living and eBay to participate in their Great Gift Challenge Sweepstakes which launches today. By entering the Challenge anyone has a chance to win a $1000 eBay gift certificate.
To help kick off the Challenge Martha Stewart and eBay sent over some eBay Bucks to shop with and my job is to spend it wisely at various price points in hopes I find the perfect gift on eBay for a do-it-yourself friend or family member.
I’ve been an eBay member for quite awhile and typically end up buying more than I sell. Knowing that I can usually save on tax and many merchants offer free shipping, I’ll often look to eBay before buying from a brick and mortar retailer. The merchant ratings also make me feel much more secure when purchasing as opposed to who you may come across on Craigslist.
This weeks Great Gift Challenge kicks off at $25.
Laura and I have been thinking of a way to thank our neighbor Jens who often looks after our house when we’re out of town and we know his favorite hobby is gardening. A common gardening hand tool didn’t seem quite personal enough but we settled on two gifts that any gardener could really use, a pair of sturdy knee pads and a gardening apron.

Jens is an older gentleman and we know the knee pads will certainly be put to use. They are contractor grade and are durable enough to be used for much more rugged jobs such as tiling, installing carpet or roofing.
The gardening apron is collectible as it comes from the now closed Smith & Hawken outdoor and gardening stores. We were always impressed with their quality and selection and were pleasantly surprised to see some of there merchandise still available on eBay. The apron is brand new and has plenty of big pockets to keep gloves, seeds and tools on-hand.
We found the knee pads for $12 and the Smith & Hawken gardening apron for $13.99. We went over by $1 but feel certain we got a great deal considering the quality of construction and brand name product.
$1000 would probably cover all of your gifts this year with a bit leftover so give yourself a chance and enter the Great Gift Challenge. Be sure to select “Martha’s Circle” so they know you came from your favorite blog!
We’ll be sure to report back what Jens thinks of these gifts and remember it’s always smart to be on good terms with your neighbors.
*Charles & Hudson is a proud member of the Martha Stewart’s Circle ad network and the Great Gift Challenge is an advertising campaign from Martha Stewart Living and eBay. Shipping cost is not included in the Challenge price points.

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