Setup Your Art Gallery At Home

I’m always inspired by the fancy shelter magazines and the way they artfully hang and style artwork. I attempted this in my own dining room (and by dining room I mean the wall that attaches the kitchen to the living room) and it came out okay. But trust me, it was harder than I expected.
Shelterrific found this really great how-to on iVillage that I so wish I spotted sooner. I tried the whole form-a-square-with-painter’s-tape trick but it felt too haphazard and didn’t give me a great sense of how all my pieces would actually look on the wall.

My favorite tips of theirs by far was to trace a template for each frame that is going on the wall. On the front of each template, mark with a sharpie where the hanging hardware should go.
Adhere each template to the wall with tape and move them around until you get the shape you want. Hang your framed art right over the templates – there’s no room for messing up.
Do you have any great art hanging tips?

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