Baby, It’s Cold Inside! – Going Heatless

During the winter, a natural reaction is to turn up the heat–crank it, in some cases–to get warm air flooding through your home’s interior. But thanks to a tip from this New York Times story, I’ve been introduced to an opposite species–those who prefer to live without heat (or a frigidly low thermostat setting) during the year’s coldest months.
Arguably the biggest advantage to keeping your home’s temperature at 55 degrees and lower is a sizable energy savings, especially if you rely on a propane or gas-fueled heat source. Yet several of these homeowners are inspired to go without heat because of the expensive financial burden inflicted by making necessary structural or insulation repairs, especially to old homes and loft buildings.

These cold weather dwellers agree that, over time, your body adapts to the low temperatures with the help of cold-weather gear like long underwear, caps and fingerless gloves.
I may knock my thermostat down a couple of degrees, but I’ll stay at 64 or above, thankyouverymuch!
Photo: Arianne Teeple for The New York Times

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