BEHR Paints Website Goes Virtual

We’d like to share yet another virtual paint color tool, this one by BEHR. The site takes a bit of time to load but once it does you are presented with a photo that showcases a BEHR color palette.
The sites interactivity gets more interesting as you dive into the Colorsmart and Paint Your Place tools. Select primary and accent colors and BEHR will create a palette to your liking.

Here’s a bit more information about what you will find on the updated website courtesy of BEHR.
+ Enhanced Interface: Overhauled with the consumer in mind, the new site is easy to use and easy to navigate. Drop down menus organize information into an easy-to-follow format.
+ Virtual Color Center: Replicates the retail experience for online visitors. Do-it-yourselfers are able to browse color cards, color families, stripe cards and product brochures.
+ My Color Samples: Using color hotspots, visitors can collect the rich and dynamic hues used throughout the site and save them to a Workbook for future projects or add them to a Shopping Cart to purchase samples.
+ Inspiration Gallery: Wide-format, magazine-quality images draw the eye in and inspire visitors to do more with color. The new site also gives visitors the opportunity to spark their imagination with expert style, design and color advice from the experts at BEHR.
+ Sheen Selector: First-of-its-kind interactive sheen tool lets customers see the reflective value of different sheens, allowing them to select the most appropriate product for their home decorating project.
+ User-friendly Product Categories: Product detail pages offer consumers a wealth of information from product descriptions to safety information to related products.
+ Robust How-To Section: Easy-to-read and easy-to-follow, includes preparation and clean up guides, step-by-step instructions, how-to images, recommended BEHR products and suggested equipment.

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