BEHR Paint Demo at Builders’ Show 2010

The BEHR paint booth at IBS 2010 made great use of their space. Paint cans floating by parachute added whimsy that most displays were lacking and we loved the little BEHR model truck. They also made use of an interactive touch display which made finding a BEHR paint distributor almost fun.
We stuck around for their demo which we heard was a unique display of the quality of BEHR’s Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer.

An energetic paint guy pulled two balloons from the rafters. The yellow balloon was painted with an unnamed competitors paint and the blue balloon was covered in BEHR of course.
After letting the air out of the yellow competitors balloon the paint instantly started to crumble off and made like snow. Imagine that on your house.
As the blue balloon deflated the paint covering never lost its form despite the balloon eventually being completely void of air. This “shower cap” was passed around and didn’t get on anyone’s hands nor did it chip off.
Obviously this is a controlled demo at a trade show but it made a great impact and the crowd seemed to be impressed. We’d love to save time and money on paint by skipping the primer phase and if this 2-1 product performs as it says we’re sold.

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