Benefits of Terrazo Flooring

Terrazo flooring is an Italian flooring technique that looks like luxury marble, but without the high cost.
To produce terrazzo, pieces of aggregate (marble, glass or stone chips) are mixed with a cement binder. Traditionally, terrazzo flooring is done by a professional, true terrazzo floor is an art form that requires many layers of heavy materials and the vision of a terrazzo flooring artist, making it expensive. However, the recent availability of terrazzo tiles in hardware stores has meant that do it yourselfers have found a new project, with similar looking results for a reduced cost.
The premier reason to choose terrazzo flooring is because of its classic look and timeless appeal. Also, because terrazzo flooring is created by blending materials it allows for a wide range of creative application. You can choose from a wide array of colors and designs to create a picture or an abstract design.

Tiled terrazzo flooring has the flexibility of vinyl and the durability of stone, making it an excellent alternative to the high cost of marble and granite. It is also much more durable than ceramic and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
If applied and sealed correctly, terrazzo flooring is nearly impervious to damage from water and stains and cannot be chipped, so it often popular for both kitchen and bathroom use.
photo: shadysidelantern

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