Best Low and Non VOC Paints

New York Times writer Stephen Treffinger has the patience to do what few of us would find time for: road-testing non-toxic paints to determine which brand reigns supreme.
Although non-toxic interior paints (defined as such because they have little to no Volatile Organic Compounds that contain toxic chemicals) are celebrated as a more eco-friendly paint option, they’ve also been widely criticized for quality and durability that are inferior to traditional interior paint varieties.

And that’s where Treffinger comes in. He selected 10 brands, mostly in white or bluish-gray, and proceeded to apply each to a section of primed wall. He then applied two coats to a 2-x-2 square of wall, let dry for six weeks and smudged with his newsprint-stained fingers to test the paint’s ability to withstand a brisk sponge cleaning.
In the final step, Treffinger used red and black permanent markers to draw on primed board and then applied numerous coats of paint to see how much was required to cover the dark lines.
Treffinger’s conclusion? Benjamin Moore’s Natura, which boasts smooth application, mild odor and an undisturbed finished when cleaned. Case closed!
Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

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