Blog Action Day to Focus on the Environment

Today we join and many others in Blog Action Day, to bring attention to our environment and what we can do to improve it. Check out our latest green building posts as well as a little tip we posted on ReadyMade.

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  • Definitely a good idea to give any property a fresh coat of paint every few years.

    Doing so really helps in the long-term.  The more regularly you apply a fresh coat, the less time you’ll spend on preparation and repairs before painting. 

    Timber-clad buildings for example will deteriorate far more rapidly than masonry or brick buildings should the finished paintwork begin to degrade due to the elements.

    On the microscopic scale, even though the paintwork might look fine to the eye, after a couple of years you already have small perforations in the skin of the paint, allowing the elements to get into the layers beneath.

    Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding big repair bills in the future for sure.


  • You have share a good tips to paint home and give a new look to your home and another important thing you should remember that is paint cost.  Set your paint budget before going to buy paint for your home and make proper plan before painting. Choose paint that is suits on your home style.

  • The curb appeal of any house can increase or affected by the way the house is painted. And there are many ways that you can use for painting and be careful before start painting your home. Prepare the wall and ceiling properly and take off striker plants, doorknobs, and other objects that you don’t want to painted. 

  • That’s true. The best time to paint your house is in the spring, around mid-May to early June. These are the months that have a mild and balanced temperature, at a consistent 10 degrees. This will definitely help the paint to have an even finish.

  • One essential tip before doing your painting project is to clean the surface first before applying the paint. It is because dirty and greasy surfaces will easily break off when painted.