Build-It-Yourself Coffee Table Bench

Spotted over at IKEA Hacker, I love Melanie’s bench-coffee table contraption. Melanie used an Ikea office bench (in zebra), a Flort remote control pocket and u-shaped tables made from plywood.
Here’s how she did it:
For the U-shaped red tables, I went to the hardware store with the measurements of the zebra bench. There, I had sets of plywood cut in the exact right size, bought metal brackets, Spax screws and red acrylic paint – and built those U-shapes at home in an afternoon.
Now those little tables can be removed from or repositioned on the zebra bench – and each table has the exact size for a laptop or an A4 paper plus some room for a cup or a glass.

To finish the look, Melanie pinned a remote pocket to the side of the bench so her remotes would have a permanent resting place.
Don’t you just love IKEA hacks? Has anyone refashioned their old IKEA furniture into new pieces de resistance?

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